What Red Business offers

Red Business is a platform that allow service providers (contractors) and services seekers (clients) to buy and sell services at agreed prices and review each other once project is completed.  Save on time of hiring and cost of services up to 60%

It is a safe place to transact business as payment made to contractors through our platform is keep in escrow account only to be release to contractor when the project is done to the satisfaction of the client.

How do l become a client?

A service seeker can become a client by clicking on "Join for Free" button. Follow the prompt and choose client, then submit.

How do l become a contractor?

A service provider can become a contractor by clicking on "Join for Free" button. Follow the prompt and choose contractor, then submit.

How does Red Business pay contractors?

All payments made to contractors goes into escrow account. The contractor at anytime can request payment by going to the "Withdrawals Section" and click Paid.

How does Red Business handle disputes?

When a project is under dispute, the Admin will be notified.

Then the Admin, client and the contractor will start a dispute conversation in order to determine party at fault.

If the Party at fault is the client, then the money will be awarded to the contractor.

If the Party at fault is the contractor, then the money will be returned to the client.

Red Business won't be responsible for disputes arising from off-platform payments. 

What do you need help with?

Red Business help you with anything you need help with. Just post your offer and suggest what you want to pay for it. Verified contractors will offer you their services. You choose the best contractor by reviews or price

How does Red Business make money if this is a free service?

We don't charge clients a dime. However, Red Business makes its money by taking a small percentage of each job that is completed and paid for by contractors.

How do clients pay for the services

We operate a cashless platform hence there is no need for cash to change hands. Clients pay contractors through credit cards or paypal on the plateform and the payment is stored in escrow account till the job is executed by the contractor.